10000 Startups conducted Pitch Sessions in 3 cities for its 3rd Phase Shortlisted Applicants

As a virtual incubator for early stage technology product start-ups, 10,000 Start-ups gives the shortlisted companies a bevy of opportunities ranging from meeting investors and accelerators to mentors. Startups selected by 10,000 Start-ups are split between two programmes namely the Pitching Programme and the Nurture Programme.

At the Pitching Programme startups were connected with with investors, angels, accelerators, SeedFunds and more with the aim to help them grow and expand. To keep things fair and level the playing field, the name and the profile of the investors were only shared with the startups at the session and not beforehand.

Under the Pitching Programme, events were organized in different cities for startups to attend. The pitching sessions for Phase 3 were split as follows

  • Bangalore: 3rd and 4th November, 2014
  • Delhi: 6th November
  • Mumbai: 17th November

Start-ups were split up into two groups – a morning and evening batch. The sessions were formatted like that of speed dating, where investors approached start-ups who were seated on designated tables. Once approached, start-ups got 5 minutes to pitch their product.

The start-ups shortlisted for the Pitching Programme were also gifted a Start-up Kit worth USD 25,000 consisting of value added services and credits from Google, Amazon, Microsoft amongst others. With about 75 startups attending each session in every city and 20-25 investors attending every session, the Pitching Programmes in each city buzzed with energy and excitement unique to start-up founders and innovation! Share!

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