#40Forward – Techstarting a silent revolution

NASSCOM launched the 10,000 Start-ups program in 2013 with the aim to help 10,000 Technology startups in India over the next ten years. In its first year alone, the program received 7,000 applications. After several rounds of screening and filtering, the list was whittled down to 332 – all of whom pitched their business plan to angel investors, accelerators, angel grounds, venture capitalists and mentors. Over a 100 made it to the next stage where they were moved in accelerators and received mentoring to fine-tune their business plan and scale up.

But through all this, there was one disparity that stood out. Of the 7,000 applications received, only 2%-6% came from startups with women co-founders and off that small pool, very few made the cut to get shortlisted. It was a stark reality one was faced with. The representation of women in accelerators, co-working spaces and tech events was very poor. Keeping that in mind, this women’s day the NASSCOM 10,000 Start-ups program launched ‘The Girls in Technology’ (GIT) program on the 8th of March to increase the representation of women and help them advance in the entrepreneurial community.

The GIT program aims to encourage and promote women entrepreneurs and integrate them in the technology ecosystem by conducting Developer Talks, Technical Workshops, Hackathons and Mentoring programs and Tech Talks exclusively for women. The idea is to not only to evangelize the woman entrepreneur landscape in India but also to prepare women techies for Technology Founder/Co-founder roles in a country where most startups are founded by non-techies.

In the coming months, 10,000 Start-ups will be organizing workshops on HTML5, Python, Ruby, Android and other contemporary technologies that require continuous guidance and mentor-ship. These workshops will serve as platforms for knowledge sharing and bring together diverse women teams, enabling them to build robust ventures in the days to come and have a bigger stake in the thriving tech startup ecosystem in India.

NASSCOM 10000 Startups is also proud to be part of the Google for Entrepreneurs #40Forward challenge. It is amongst the forty startup communities that are activity working to create new approaches for increasing the representation of women in the technology community by 25% in 2014.

If you want to be part of this program and get updates on the happenings, sign up here http://goo.gl/k8ffw4


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