Recruitment Support - 10,000 Startups | A NASSCOM Initiative

10,000 Startups is committed to the success of startups in the ecosystem. We have found that finding and hiring the right talent is crucial for a startup.

We now extend our support in getting the startups access to a ready talent pool. To make this happen, we have launched Startup Jobs app on Android and iOS, where the best talent can apply to most exciting startup jobs in India. All a startup has to do is to post their jobs on the app and let the best candidates apply to them. It’s easy for you to select the right ones through.

No money trouble when you are with 10,000 Startups. It’s all at zero cost for the shortlisted startups.

On the Startup Jobs app, candidates apply to the jobs by filling in a detailed profile and recording a short video. This gives the employer more than enough information to screen a candidate for the next round of the process. Interesting, right? See how it works, illustrated below.

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