Our Vision

To be India’s largest cross-collaborative platform, enabling startups to shift their growth orbits.

10,000 Startups is an ambitious undertaking by India’s premier IT industry body – NASSCOM. The initiative aims to establish a cross-collaborative platform that enables startups to grow to the next level by leveraging our network of investors, mentors, industry experts, and enterprises. We do this through our FAME (Funding, Acceleration, Mentoring, and Enterprise connects) model.

fame model

The 10,000 Startups FAME model is designed to facilitate the ideal connection between startups and Funders, Accelerators, Mentors, and Enterprises with complementary requirements, so that they may mutually benefit from each other. With our deep and widespread network of partners from various industries, we’re well situated to understand their needs and align them with those of our member startups, providing curated connections for maximum impact on both sides.

The framework offers members several advantages and opportunities to get ahead, such as guaranteed pitching slots, investor connects (Investor 101), participation in startup forums, showcases and thought-leadership roundtables across the country, and inclusion in our Investor Access Database.

In addition to access to our mentor network, events such as weekly progress reviews, regular workshops on topics critical to startup success, and mentor connects (Mentor 101) ensure that startups receive the guidance they need through their journey.

Members are given opportunities to connect with enterprises through direct fast access to senior executives, customer showcase events, speaking opportunities, and delegations. Access to executive mentoring, early technology, deep expertise, and strategic investments and grants is also provided.

Furthermore, branding and media mentions, alongside inclusion in the NIPP database, and faster access to global markets and JV/OEM/partnership options will help improve visibility.

Apart from the FAME framework, we also offer a number of programs and events that are designed to help deserving startups through various stages of their growth:

01 Warehouse Program

This program provides a bundle of resources that every startup invariably needs in its initial stages. All essentials such as physical workspace, furniture, expert guidance, and networking opportunities are made available to startups under this program. READ MORE

02 Virtual Program

The Virtual Program is designed to incubate startups out of their own workspaces. It helps them scale, while support is offered in the form of a startup kit. Further, the company is provided industry connects from an extensive network of evaluators and mentors who are also investors, accelerators, and industry veterans. READ MORE

03 NASSCOM Industry Partnership Program

The NIPP forges lasting relationships between large corporations and innovative technology ventures. It nurtures open innovation through strategically aligned curated connects. The collaborative model includes mentorships, workshops, and design reviews by experts, in addition to long-term commitments, events, and annual meetings. READ MORE

04 Rockstar Program

This program encourages innovation by facilitating communication and collaboration between industries and the startup ecosystem. The aim of Rockstar Program is to help India make a mark in the global scenario as a hub of innovation. In this regard, it provides startups with connects, coverage, and credibility for international visibility and recognition. READ MORE

05 NASSCOM Gaming Forum

The NGF was set up 10 years ago to provide a common platform to share best practices and knowledge with developers and businesses within the Indian gaming industry, especially the burgeoning indie game dev community. NGF is today the de-facto industry body for games in India. READ MORE

06 InnoTrek

In this event, deserving startups are invited to be a part of a delegation that visits Silicon Valley for a week to learn and get inspired. It is a fantastic opportunity for startups to witness first-hand how one of the oldest technology ecosystems in the world functions, and gain insights on scaling and forming global alliances. READ MORE

Team 10,000 Startups - the Driving Force

K. S. Viswanathan

VP, Industry Initiatives


K. S. Viswanathan received his education from one of India’s premier educational institutes, Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani. He held executive positions in some of the biggest corporate names such as Dell Computer Corporation, Wipro Infotech Ltd., and Azim Premji Foundation. His efforts are focussed at making India a hub of innovation by encouraging startups.

Kritika M.



Kritika M. did her MBA from Siddaganga College. She has been a part of the technology industry for over a decade and possesses deep insights into the hurdles faced by startups in the country.

Dr. Sunil K. Shekhawat

Regional Lead


Sunil K. Shekhawat is a bachelor of dental surgeries and holds a master’s degree in business administration from Symbiosis International University. He is actively involved in building and nurturing the startup ecosystem in the northern part of India.

Arihant Kothari

Deputy Manager


Arihant Kothari is an engineering graduate from Bengal Engineering and Science University. He has vast experience in the digital marketing domain. His primary role includes stakeholder and vendor management along with program co-ordination in Kolkata.

Sahil Gupta

Regional Lead


Sahil Gupta received his bachelor’s degree in engineering from IET Alwar, University of Rajasthan. He has been a part of the IT industry for almost a decade. He is a part of the Warehouse in Navi Mumbai.

Vipul Saini

Deputy Manager, Sponsorships


Vipul Saini completed his B.Tech degree in mechanical engineering from SRM University and his master’s degree in business administration from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. He has extensive experience in raising funds for startups, which is what he does at 10,000 Startups.

Ruth Mary

Deputy Manager, Administration


Ruth Mary holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from BMS College of Engineering and a postgraduate degree in HRM and economics from KIET College. She has worked with some of the biggest media houses in the country. She is a part of NASSCOM 10,000 Startup Warehouse in Bangalore.

Darryl Zuzarte

Regional Lead


Darryl Zuzarte holds a master’s degree in business administration from Indian Institute of Planning and Management. He is a part of the Warehouse in Pune

Baargav Duggirala

Operations Lead


Baargav Duggirala is a mechanical engineering graduate from Vellore Institute of Technology. As a part of 10,000 Startups, he helps drive innovation in the IT ecosystem of Andhra Pradesh.

Pratheeksha AK

Virtual Program


Pratheeksha AK holds a bachelor’s degree in science from Mahatma Gandhi University and a postgraduate degree in business administration from Cochin University of Science and Technology. She is a public speaker whose passion lies in encouraging startups and entrepreneurship in women.

Nemesisa Ujjain

Program Manager-Industry Partnerships


Nemesisa Ujjain holds a BA (Hons) from Delhi University and postgraduate diploma in management from Institute for Technology and Management. She has extensive experience in brand management and marketing. Her role with us is to connect Indian B2B startups with big businesses.

Roopa Aravindakshan

Ecosystem Partner Relations


Roopa Aravindakshan is a B.Tech graduate from Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology. She is a part of the Warehouse in Bangalore and is involved in activities like startup engagements as well as event planning and organisation.

Shivam Sareen

Enterprise Connect


Shivam Sareen holds a master’s degree in business administration from Symbiosis International University. He connects innovative startups to corporate juggernauts.

Arun Nair

Regional Lead


Arun Nair is a bachelor of hospitality administration from Arya Central School. His experience spans over a decade. At NASSCOM, he leads the startup efforts in the Kochi area.

Vijay Bawra

Regional Lead


Darryl Zuzarte holds a master’s degree in business administration from Indian Institute of Planning and Management. He is a part of the Warehouse in Pune

Ram Kumar

Regional Lead


Ram Kumar graduated with his master’s degree in science from PSG College of Technology. With us, he is a part of the team that holds startup events in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Puducherry.

Jaya Sinha

Communications Lead


Jaya Sinha is a bachelor of economics from Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce. She is a communication specialist.

Anuj Kumar

Senior Associate


Anuj Kumar holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Satyabama University and a master’s degree in business analytics and project management from University of Connecticut School of Business.