All That Women Need Today is To Be Completely Fearless

The Golden Age for women entrepreneurs has finally begun. Women have not only become wealth creators but also agents of change by creating organizations with bright futures. In the recent years, we have seen an unprecedented rise of women in different spheres of life. Women had already made strides into the corporate world and now, they are making huge strides in the world of startups too. We’ve seen women entrepreneurs creating waves in the economy and even surpassing their male counterparts in terms of success and revenue generation. But these women who’ve taken the plunge to start something on their own are few in number. On one hand, women of today excel at their workplace while on the other hand, they’re heavily pressed for time. Commitments at work occupy a space in their minds as much as the diligence and grace with which they fulfil their commitments towards home. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the factors that drive a woman’s success today are not just her skills at work but her skills to balance both work and home.

In hindsight, one has to consider this that just like men, women have their fears too. Fear of not being able to achieve the desired output in a certain period of time, fear of not being able to live up to expectations and fear of failure to take care of so many responsibilities at the same time – these are what impact women’s confidence levels to a larger extent than they affect men. This is why women tend to become dispassionate in their day-to-day lives. This is what keeps them from doing all that they intend to do and reach the heights they dreamt of. It’s not a lack of opportunity, neither is it a lack of support but it is a matter of confidence our women lack; it is the fears at the back of the minds that stop them towards a resplendent future.

In India, the lack of confidence exists perpetually because of the stereotypes and societal norms women are expected to conform to. However, there are many instances that reveal the reasons more clearly. Women, perennially bearing the societal brunt, are prone to losing energy and self-confidence. Women in India also suffer with a mental agony of relentless self-restraint. These women, who are capable of achieving anything under the sun, sometimes cower away from raising their voice and fail to realize their true potential, which often translates to an unclear picture of their ambitions.

What women need to realize is that the first step to empowerment is to cast away their fears. They need to ingrain into the deepest level of their subconscious mind that only they themselves can bridge the gap between being just a working woman and a woman who exudes an unshakeable confidence. A woman who wants to progress with her business idea can only do so when she believes in her own self and does not let doubts and fears fathom her. The realization of this fearlessness from within is the determining factor for women to drive the change.

In a country where female workers and entrepreneurs are now being accepted with open arms, it is dismal that women are still not as comfortable in their own shoes. If you are a woman who is breaking a stereotype, you should feel nothing but proud of yourself. You just have to know your rights; you have to know what is acceptable and what needs to change. You just need to know what it means to be an alpha woman better than anyone else. This is what will lead you to be able to ace every step on your way and instill a refreshing sense of self-belief.

Self-belief is a concept that no one really teaches you in school or college. As a woman, you will learn to believe in yourself only when you make mistakes, learn from them and grow. You will have to start believing that whatever challenge comes through your way, it cannot hold you back because you are a real achiever, a path breaker who has just started her journey. The best part is that there are programs and individuals out there already making efforts to make the environment more conducive to change. These programs are just waiting to help you along your way to financial freedom. #SheCEO, an initiative by is one such program that, for its 3rd consecutive year, is investing time and resources in guiding and mentoring women entrepreneurs and students aspiring to be entrepreneurs in the future. The month-long campaign will train these business enthusiasts in various aspects of business such as funding, business management, social media and much more. Such initiatives not only help young women entrepreneurs imbibe skills but they also instill indestructible confidence in them.

When you are well versed and thorough with your business idea as well as what it takes in order to make a business successful, your self-worth and self-belief is automatically skyrocketed. Once a woman decides to move ahead with her idea with knowledge, excellence and unflinching confidence, she transforms into a successful entrepreneur – breaking through all the barriers of social compliance. She develops the capacity of a phoenix and the armour of a dragon, she is no more just a unicorn but an eagle soaring high!

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