A Government of India certified start-up, initCodes TechnoServices is aiming to change the way technology interacts with business. This R&D IT company which was launched in 2014, focuses on innovation in Fintech, Data protection, and futuristic commerce. They also provide technology consultation in Data Science, Data warehousing and Analytics, specially in the Life Sciences domain. initCodes was one of the five start-ups sponsored by the Government of Karnataka to showcase at the GITEX Technology Fair held in Dubai in October, 2016.

We got in touch with Pria Randolph, Co-founder and MD Strategy, initCodes TechnoServices, to understand her experience as a woman entrepreneur, her views on the start-up ecosystem and what’s happening at work! Pria is a software platform architect and data scientist. She is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Apart from being a data scientist, Pria is also a Latin and Ballroom dancer and has represented India at the UKA Ballroom Annual Medalists Competitions in 2007. An outdoors person, she pursues nature and wildlife photography as a hobby.

On Being a Woman Entrepreneur…

“Robert Frost’s words ring in my head as I think. “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and I, I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference”. It has been tough to be heard many a time and to influence decisions in a room full of men, but I have been lucky to have worked with some of the coolest men and women in the world. And hey! Being a Hypnotherapist sometimes comes in handy,” says Pria.

“Obama had once tweeted that a nation can be judged by the way it treats its women. It is very encouraging to see the start-up ecosystem favour and nudge women entrepreneurs forward. It is always helpful to promote women in new areas they are attempting to tread. We just need a bit of a push and then we’ll lead you forward. Our country’s womenfolk are now coming out in the open and it is only a matter of time that we show the world how great India can be with the women and men working together!”

Men always listen. Women are naturally more expressive than men. But somehow, women have forgotten to “ask” and instead “adjust”. As entrepreneurs it is always helpful to use your power of being expressive, she says talking about the traits of women entrepreneurs.

I also want to use this platform to urge women to innovate, Pria adds.

Thoughts on the StartUp Ecosystem…

“I’d like to urge women to stop hesitating and try things. The ecosystem is now ready. You just need to take that step forward!”

On Work…

“As founders, our interests lie in special focus for the under-served – there are 450 million unbanked adults in India alone, 2 billion worldwide. With a hybridised permissioned blockchain to create the next generation Smart-Identity, we are attempting to bring transaction costs down to facilitate micropayments and to make digital transactions as easy as cash. Our first use case is to support India’s cashless vision by assisting the billion+ Aadhaar identities on a blockchain-based credentialization platform”, says Pria talking about their work.

“Our flagship product Bitgram is a disruptive innovation that will reshape the way the world makes payments and uses addresses,” she shares. “You would no longer need cash or cards or coins/change to make payments. With Bitgram all you need is your finger tip (or your eye) and you can transact anywhere, on the go, in seconds. Bitgram would benefit banks, merchants, and consumers. It will also help in financial inclusion of at least 450 million people who are not on the Internet. They will be able to immediately make digital transactions using Bitgram,” Pria adds.

From a business perspective, the framework allows institutes (Banks, Telecoms, Insurers and others) to quickly setup their service delivery model from offline to online. A single model can be created by one or more service providers. The team supports interoperable models as well. Bitgram makes acquiring digital identities, transfer of digital assets across or within these models very easy and safe.

On What Makes Her Successful…

“Whatever you do, do one extra step and consistently so. Even if you think you cannot. I assure you, you’ll surprise yourself.”