The popular TV series, Breaking Bad could be a fast learning lesson for entrepreneurs across the world. The show is dark, gritty, funny and indulging in a thrilling manner. Well, we are sure you don’t want to go from being a high school chemistry professor to money printing drug kingpin. However, that shouldn’t restrict you from taking life lessons from the unpredictable ride of Heisenberg’s journey. To start with, whatever negative image Mr. White prevails, he could sure inspire anyone trying to strike out on their own or attempting to build their own business. Your business strategy could be slightly less dangerous, but many of the same circumstances are at play at all stages of business. Here are some of the entrepreneurial lessons one could gain from the TV series:

1) Do not provide a “works fine” product:

Heisenberg never settles for the second best product, just like other entrepreneurs who never work for a “good enough” quality of service. Entrepreneurs who disrupted their respective industries knew perfection was a myth but only after aiming for this myth, they could get close enough. If you are trying to build a product which you believe could be the next big thing, how can you settle for something that would just “work fine”?

2) Money is not the only thing that matters:

Heisenberg in his dangerous journey of five seasons made about 80 million USD, but lost everyone he loved from his life. He committed his share of mistakes along the way, like being a pathological liar that made him end up being lonely. So, unless you would want to end up like the drug kingpin, make sure you do not run after money. Chasing excellence is the way to go.

3) Choose your partner carefully:

Not everybody you choose to work with would be a good partner. Heisenberg learned the same, the hard way. First Tuco and then Gustavo Fring helped him made a lot of money, but he eventually realized both of them were too dangerous to work with. What the meth dealer learned from experience, you can learn from him. Your business partners might not be cold-blooded murderers but could still bring your brand down.

4) Plan an Exit Strategy:

It is imperative for an entrepreneur, to know how and when to exit. During the time period of five seasons, the meth dealing duo had multiple options to walk away with a lot of money, but they chose to stay inside the industry and we all know how they ended up.

Naturally, we recognize the methodology Mr. White adopted was illegal and dangerous, but you could sure take up a few lessons from him in “Breaking Good”.

February 9, 2016

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The popular TV series, Breaking Bad could be a fast learning lesson for entrepreneurs across the world. The show is dark, gritty, funny and indulging in […]
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