What are the things you need when you find yourself obsessed with an idea and are keen to take to it a working level? For starters, you need

1) Customers who can try out the product

2) A prototype

3) Resources for the test

Once you have proof of concept and have acquired few customers, the next step is to acquire a few big clients. Why big clients? Because more than often, the revenue from them help start-ups work further on the problem they’re trying to solve to make the product better and more efficient. The additional benefit of all this is an improved understanding of the problem.

To ensure that you’re keeping a pace that resonates with the demand in the market, you need resources. Some can be got for free and the others require investment. When it comes to the part that needs money, one usually seeks out an investor. For the uninitiated, an investor, is the guy who has surplus cash and believes in your idea and you. Once you’ve managed to tackle the investor aspect, if the problem you’re solving is huge and the solution you’re providing is unique no one can stop your start-up from growing in leaps and bounds.

There is however one thing that needs to be kept in mind especially in the Indian context. When it comes to the B-to-B space, getting your first big client can be quite difficult. It takes repetitive meetings with the same people as well as meeting a broad spectrum of people before you meet the right person who will buy into your product. Similarly, there are many investors out there in the market whose mandate is to find start-ups with great potential. So when the junior guys call you up and get you involved in multiple rounds of interactions, somewhere in the chaos, your time and resources take a hit.

Keeping that in mind, wouldn’t it be awesome if the process with investors and clients could be shortened and accelerated? One thing’s for sure; it would save everyone a lot of time, energy and avoid a whole lot of frustration. Enter 10,000 Startups. Thanks to the program, Ipsator not only got access to the decision makers of some of the top brands relevant to our product but also had investors approach us for discussions. 10,000 Startups gave us a platform where we could present ourselves as a credible business, thus opening channels to directly meet the relevant people within a short time period without being made to run around in circles.

The best part was that the program did not take or expect anything from us in return. Getting this magnitude of help without it costing us anything is pretty amazing. In Ipsator’s case, 10,000 Startups also helped connect us with relevant partners for our ecosytem. And at the end of the day, what more could a start-up really ask for?


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