Womentechship A Dialogue with Women Entrepreneurs in Delhi — #WomenTechShip on 23rd Dec at Google Campus, Gurgaon. A Delhi Kick start from #GirlsInTech Series from NASSCOM for 10,000 Start-ups, Powered by #40Forward Google for Entrepreneurs’

Half Baked Git

Half-Baked 30 Sec. Pitch It had an exciting start with the moderator, Avani Parekh, Founder of LoveDoctor.in asking members from the audience to list out words they associated with their personality, food, funny words and more. The exercise had an end game. As a part of the ice breaker activity, the audience and the panelists were asked to break into teams of three. One member from each team was then asked to select two words from the board which became the team name. Thereafter, they had to give a product pitch in just 30 seconds using that very name and present their product, the problem they were solving and the solution their product provided. Rest assured, there were some crazy and innovative products and pitches that came out of the activity.

Half Baked Git

Panel Discussion:

The panel comprised off Prukalpa Sankar, Co-founder of Social Cops, Swati Bhargava, Co-founder of Cashkaro, Sukhmani Singh, Co-founder of Seek Sherpa and Aparna Gupta, Managing Director of First Rain India. The ladies had interesting insights to share with the audience and agreed that while there were some disadvantages of being a woman entrepreneur in the tech space, there were several advantages too. Some of the highlights of the panel discussion are mentioned below.

You don’t have to accept money from just anywhere if you aren’t comfortable with the person giving it to you.” – Avani Parekh

If investors grill you, it doesn’t always mean they’re attacking you but want to know if you know your stuff. It’s up to you to dispel the myths that women don’t get or understand technology.” – Swati Bhargava

I look forward to how we can create a rich ecosystem for startups. – Aparna Gupta, Managing Director, First Rain

Word Café: Unlike most post-lunch sessions, the energy within the venue was still high even after a rather sumptuous lunch hosted by Google India. Host introduced the audience to the breakaway session named ‘World Café’. The audience was divided into three groups where they were given 15 minutes each to discuss the following

  • What are the fears and challenges they faced (Fears)

  • What are the solutions to those fears and challenges (Resources)

  • What are the concrete opportunities there for women entrepreneurs in India (Opportunities)

To wrap up the entire day’s event, Sangeeta Gupta, Vice President of NASSCOM addressed the audience observing that the fears outweighed the resources and opportunities mentioned in the breakaway session and that’s what she hoped would change soon. She also went on to share the initiatives NASSCOM has been taking to empower entrepreneurs and how the audience present could also greatly benefit from them. The event was attended by 40+ women audience with varied experiences with 60% Entrepreneurs, 15% Professionals, 15% Students and 10% others.

Action on Twitter A big thank you to our partner – Google for Entrepreneurs. We remain committed to partnering with Indian startups to accelerate their success. – See more at: #WomenTechShip

May 22, 2015

#WomenTechship – A Dialogue with Women Entrepreneurs in Delhi

Womentechship A Dialogue with Women Entrepreneurs in Delhi — #WomenTechShip on 23rd Dec at Google Campus, Gurgaon. A Delhi Kick start from #GirlsInTech Series from NASSCOM […]
May 22, 2015

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