Basic information to be known by a startup

What is bootstrapping?

What are incubators?  List of incubators in India

What are accelerators? List of accelerators in India

What is the difference between a services company and a product company?

All you need to know at the time of registering an entity

How to form a legal business entity and different types of entities; how to get tax registrations done for your entity; assistance in drafting contracts/agreements for your entity; how to protect a company’s valuable assets legally; accounting services

How to register a company

How much time will it take to get company registered?

What are the different options available to register a company?

What would be the cost involved in registration?

Basic online tools that can be used by a startup

 Basic startup toolkit

Things to be kept in mind while creating a business plan

How to create a business plan and what information should be included in it

Business plan templates/samples

How to create a business presentation or pitch. (Templates/samples)

All you need to know about mentorship

What is mentorship?

 How can a founder find a mentor?

What is the importance of getting mentored?

 When is the right time to get mentored?

All you need to know about investments

List of investment organisations

How to create an investor pitch/presentation

What are the different models/types/stages of investments?

How can startups get invested?

 What are the general criteria for investments?

What are the different startup programs available in India and their benefits?