Masterclass - Product Marketing

Masterclass - Product Marketing

Masterclass - Product Marketing

28th February 2020

Where : K-tech Innovation Hub - NASSCOM

Have you set your sights to penetrate the US market? Are you unsure if it is the right market for your product? Worry not.

Join us for a masterclass with Arshad Sayyad, President and Head – Fidelity (FMR) Investment India, for answers to the most important question - “How to be successful cracking the US market?”.

At Fidelity Investment India, Arshad is responsible for over 8000 associates across 4 locations that drives significant technology transformation workstreams for Fidelity. Prior to this, he has been in various leadership role in Accenture, Wipro, Capgemini and various other organisation. Arshad also founded a boutique e-business consulting firm with operation in US, France, Singapore and Australia.

Here's what you can expect from the masterclass:-

  1. 1) The dream market or is it ? Realities of competing in the US market
  2. 2) Journey of successful Fintech startups in US
  3. 3) Myths about the US market

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