Workshop on PoSH Employer's Responsibilities

PoSH Employer's Responsibilities

Workshop on PoSH Employer's Responsibilities

17th January 2020 - 17th January 2020

Where : Bangalore Warehouse

NASSCOM 10,000 Startups, Bangalore Warehouse brings to you a workshop on Prevention of Sexual Harassment - Employer's Responsibilities.

The workshop will be conducted by Nirmala Menon, Founder and CEO of Interweave Consulting. She is an HR professional with over 30 years of experience in diverse functions across HR as a corporate employee and as a consultant, both in India and the United States.


2.30 Pm to 3.00  Pm – Registration
3.00 Pm to  4.30 Pm – Workshop
4.30 Pm to  5.00 Pm  -  Networking

Topics that will be covered in the workshop:

  1. 1) A Brief Introduction to Sexual Harassment Laws in India
  2. 2) What is Sexual Harassment?
  3. 3) Interactive Workshop with Case Studies and Examples of Sexual Harassment
  4. 4) Key Ingredients of Sexual Harassment
  5. 5) Employee Obligations
  6. 6) Process for Filing a Sexual Harassment Complaint
  7. 7) Complaint Redressal Mechanism
  8. 8) Punishment for False and Malicious Complaints
  9. 9) Confidentiality Obligations

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