1What is 10,000 Start-ups?

Started in April 2013, 10,000 Start-ups is an initiative by NASSCOM to scale up the start-up ecosystem in India by 10x. It aims to enable incubation, funding and support for 10,000 technology start-ups in India over the next ten years through its principle of F.A.M.E. Funding, Acceleration, Mentoring and Enterprise connect.

The goal is to grow the Tech Start-up Ecosystem while driving significant value and change. Along the way, the organisation hopes to impact all the start-ups within its programme. To meet these objective the program brings together key stakeholders of the ecosystem including start-up incubators/accelerators, angel investors, venture capitalists, start-up support groups, mentors and technology corporations.

2Who are the sponsor partners of 10,000 Start-ups?

The 10,000 Start-ups initiative is supported by Google for Entrepreneurs, Microsoft Ventures, IBM, Amazon Web Services, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Facebook and Digital Ocean.

3What is 10,000 Start-ups Konnect Programme?

The 10,000 Start-up Konnect is a six-month ‘konnect’ program based on the principles of F.A.M.E. It offers access to Funding, Acceleration, Mentorship and Enterprise connect.

The program’s vision is to:

  • Foster entrepreneurship
  • Build entrepreneurial capabilities at scale, and Strengthen early stage support for tech start-ups

The programme comes attached with a series of other benefits such as the Start-up Kit - an enormously useful kit for start-ups full of tech-savvy tools including cloud credits from the industry. (Know more at Start-up Kit FAQs)

4Who is eligible for Start-up Konnect Programme?

Following are the eligibility criteria:

Size0 to 10 employees
Revenue < 50,000 USD per annum
Tenure0 to 3 years
ProductEarly-stage technology product start-up preferably with IP
StageIdea stage, prototype, early traction, growth stage
Funding StageBootstrapped, seed funded/Angel funded
FocusB2B, B2C, Enterprise, SMB, SaaS, Apps, embedded products, games etc.
DomainAgnostic to any domain as long it's a software product
LocationFocus on start-ups incorporated in India
CitizenshipFocus on start-ups by Indian founders
Alumni of other programs10000 Start-ups is a collaborative, open program. Start-ups that have been part of other programs are welcome to apply

5How are start-ups selected for the programme?

The Start-up Konnect Programme has a six-month selection cycle and includes two categories wherein selected start-ups are absorbed in the parent programme while other promising start-ups, which have the potential to scale but need mentorship, are included in the Nurture Programme.

During the six-month cycle, we accept application from tech start-ups from across India. At the end of the cycle, the applications are reviewed by a team of mentors and ranked by them. Those falling within the criteria and selection ranking are absorbed within the programme.

Under the main programme, selected start-ups are connected with investors, angels, accelerators, Seed Funds etc. to help them grow and expand. A series of events are organised to help them ‘Konnect’ with the right mentor/investor/corporate etc.

Nurture Programme is a mentorship programme for early stage start-ups that have their products in development stage. They are connected with mentors who help them develop strong products.

6If my start-up is selected, what will happen next?

Based on the category for which you are selected, you will get an opportunity to attend various events.

If accepted for the Start-up Konnect Programme, your journey with 10,000 Start-ups will kick off with a high-powered networking or pitch session with top investors, mentors, angels, corporates from the start-up ecosystem. Post this, a series of events are organised during the six months where one-on-one training sessions, workshops, mentoring sessions, womenprenuer-focused sessions take place. These sessions are headed by top industry experts and thought leaders who work with start-ups on a regular basis to help them achieve their goals and milestones.

If selected for the Nurture Programme, you get to be a part of mentorship sessions where mentors/ enterprises engage and interact with nurture start-ups.

The mentorship programme forms a strong foundation at 10,000 Start-ups. Our aim is to support early stage start-ups which have products in development stage. Through the programme, we seek to help young start-ups develop strong products by facilitating and matchmaking mentor connects.

7How is the pitching session structured?

The pitch sessions are organised in two slots - morning and evening. Start-ups are allotted the slot beforehand. The session is structured in investor speed dating format, where investors meet start-ups at their allocated table and the latter pitch their product for five minutes. Each start-up is given a table and two chairs.

8When can I apply to the programme?

You can apply for Start-up Konnect Programme anytime of the year, but we only accept start-ups in phases. These phases are announced twice a year. Typically, the pitch sessions are conducted once in March/April and later second in October.

We are currently accepting applications for the sixth phase, the cut-off date for which is expected soon.

9If I am not from India, can I apply?

The NASSCOM 10,000 Start-ups initiative has been launched to further the interests of Indian start-ups and help them scale up. Start-ups incorporated in India are eligible for the programme.

10How do I apply?

Apply by filling out the application here. For FAQs on F6S, please click here.

11Can I view my application post submission?

Sure you can. You will need to login to your F6S profile.

12Can I apply if I am a student?

As long as you have an idea and there is a partner/founder working full time on it, you can apply for the programme.

For students, we also have Code for the Next Billion programme running, in association with Facebook. It is an immersive 6 month program to inspire, encourage and fulfil internet innovation among the developer community in India. It is aimed at accelerating the development and adoption of mobile internet applications across India.

The program involves access to cutting edge technology, social impact and business mentors; workshops and webinars to receive hands-on training; investors and enterprises to help validate and scale the selected start-ups.

Under this, we have two programmes targeting developers and students to build applications in four different sectors. Please visit for more information.

13What does the selection process look like?

To begin with, you must fill out the application form. Next, we will evaluate your application and filter start-ups that do not qualify for the programme based on the listed criteria. A second round of filtration is done where mentors associated with 10,000 Start-ups give rating to the shortlisted start-ups. Finally, start-ups are selected.

14How much time will I have to wait before you let me know if my start-up was selected?

As the programme takes place in phases and has a six-month selection cycle, start-ups which apply for the programme are sent communication at the end of the phase, informing them of their selection. Status can also be checked at

15How will I get to know of my selection status?

A communication mail is sent to all the start-ups that apply for the programme, even if rejected, at the end of the phase. Start-ups can also check their status here.

16How will I get to know about the cut-off date for the ongoing phase?

The cut-off dates are announced on the 10,000 Start-ups website and its social media channels. To keep yourself updated, please visit our Twitter handle.

17If accepted, how will I get to know about the sessions and way forward?

Once the shortlists are announced, respective NASSCOM regional leads get in touch with the start-ups through email, which entails details of upcoming pitch sessions/nurture sessions.

18Where are the warehouses based?

The warehouses are located in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Noida, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kochi, Mumbai, Pune, Vizag and Chennai.

19What are the commercials for the programme?

The programme comes at no cost to the start-ups.

1Why do we require F6S?

NASSCOM 10,000 Start-ups receive a high number of applications each day. F6S helps us in collecting, reviewing and tracking start-up applications.

2How do I create a F6S Profile?

Easy! When you apply to 10,000 Startups, you will automatically get directed to the link. Alternatively, once you log into F6S, click the "ADD YOUR" drop down on the main menu and select start-up. You can create your profile here

3What is the dashboard that I see once I log into my F6S profile?

The dashboard shows your activity on F6S. You'll be able to track which organization you have applied to and also take part in discussions taking place in your groups.

4 I have forgotten my password. How do I login now? Or, how do I update my F6S password?

Click on the 'Forgot password' option in the login popup.

5How do I work out with the investors on F6S? How can I search them, contact them and know my status for the same?

There are many investors who use F6S for identifying start-ups to invest. The best way to utilise the platform is to complete your profile on F6S so that the investors can find you. You can also use the F6S apply page to find VCs, other accelerators and competitions that are open for applications.

6What if I get stuck anywhere?

Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] and the F6S team will be there to support you.

1What is the start-up Kit that 10000 Start-ups offer?

Start-up Kit is a little gift of encouragement to the budding entrepreneurs. It consists of numerous value-added services and credits worth $25000 from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and other partners. Starbucks coupons are not included.

2Who is eligible to get the start-up Kit?

All the shortlisted start-ups whose founders can prove that they can pull off the Cobra Asana in Yoga with aplomb get the startup kit! If you have the fire and the zeal in you to make it to the pitching stage and are one of the lucky few who get shortlisted at the end of the process, then we guarantee you a startup kit!

3What does this Start-up Kit include?

Start-up Kit offers a package including credits, support etc. from companies like Google, Microsoft & Amazon. As mentioned before, despite a lot of pressure we are unable to hand out Starbucks coupons.

4When is the Start-up kit given?

The Start-up Kit is given to all the ‘Cobra Asana’ eligible start-ups at the end of each phase. Just Joking. If you happen to be one of the lucky few who are shortlisted at the end of the pitching phase then the lucky gift for you is the startup kit!

5How do I avail the credits?

An executive will email you about how to use the credits!

6Is there anything to keep a note of?

Yes, you must pass t he biometric security exam of the startup kit!

7I have already availed the start-up kit in the past. Is there any way I can get it again?

Let’s not be greedy!

1What is the 10000 Startups program all about?

In simple words, it is a matchmaking platform for startups, investors, accelerators, and mentors.

2What next after getting selected?

You will get the passes for the next Rihanna show. You wish! Instead you would get the options to attend a lot of events based on the category (Pitching/Nurture) on which you were selected.

3Will workstation (laptop) or Internet (Wi-Fi) be provided at the pitch session?

We wish it were a free-Wi-Fi country!

4How is the pitching session structured?

You mean drinks at a pub before the show or after the Rihanna show? Just Kidding! There are before-decided slots in the morning and the evening session in the speed-dating format. You will be accorded 5 minutes to pitch for your product with the investors.

5What is the goal of the 10K Pitch Session?

The goal of the session is to arrange a marriage of the startups with the angel investors, accelerators and early stage VCs.

6Will the name and profile of investors attending the session be known prior?

Nope, the names and profiles of the hotties are a surprise!

7How do I get to attend the session?

Invite-only access!

8How many startups will be there?

The more, the merrier!

9How many investors will be there?

Let’s find out at the session.

10Are facilities like accommodation, projector, and to-fro travelling tickets provided?

We only provide travel and accommodation facilities for inter-galaxy travel, with preference to aliens, who we feel were quite tortured after watching "PK."

1What is the 10K Nurture Program? Why is my startup selected for Mentoring Sessions?

We see potential in your startup and that is why it was selected for the mentoring phase. With a capable mentor and apt implementation, the idea can make you a billionaire!

2What does it mean to get selected for Mentoring?

A mentor would evaluate your idea and then process feedback for the same. Based on the feedback you would be getting access to the hot and happening startup kit!

3Will there be any Internet or laptop provided at the venue?

We wish it were a free-Wi-Fi country!

4When will the invites be sent to the start-ups selected for the Nurture Program/Mentoring Sessions?

We might have already sent out! Did you check your Spam folder?

5As part of the 10000 startups program does my company get any start-up kit such as credits for cloud platform etc.?

Clear the final exams and take home the trophy! Not before that.

6What will be the format for nurture sessions?

Industry mentor, legal experts, accounting experts and design experts will evaluate your idea and determine whether it is worth to move forward with it, or not.

7What happens after the 10K Nurture program?

If you make it to the final shortlist then lets party the night away!

8Will I get to select the mentors with whom I meet?

No, we are the experts. Let us do our job!

9Is it important to update the Gust profile?

Updated details are always welcome.

10Who all can attend the mentoring session? How many members from a start-up are allowed to attend the session?

Friends, Family, and far-flung relatives are welcome. Oh come on, just joking!

11Are facilities like accommodation, projector, and to-fro travelling tickets provided?

We only provide travel and accommodation facilities for inter-galaxy travel, with preference to aliens, who we feel were quite tortured after watching "PK.”

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