Giant premises woo Indian startups on Day 3 of Innotrek 2016

Day 3Following the two successful days, the third day of the NASSCOM Innotrek 2016 was dedicated to Silicon Valley tech campuses visits. Our delegates visited the giant premises of Apple, Google and Facebook and met their product leadership and development teams for more insights from these industry powerhouses.

Our tech squad commenced the big day out with an invigorating tour to the Apple campus. The teams interacted with the product team and mustered more information on platform capabilities of these companies. The energy and motivation of our young tech players was palpable throughout the first visit and it further escalated during the following hours. Our convoy then departed for Googleplex, followed by a tour to the Facebook campus, where they were given a low down on the ambit of opportunities at Silicon Valley. Our teams got familiar with the environment at the Valley and the exposure it offers, which would help their servicing grow leaps and bounds.

The tour’s vision was to foster entrepreneurship and bring to our delegates more insights about entrepreneurial capabilities. It also brought upfront many opportunities for startups to assess themselves against those in the valley.

Our startups will next attend another slew of powerful sessions and one-on-one meetings with the mentors while connecting amid large enterprises on day 4th of their week long boot camp.

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