Managing Partner
Blume Ventures

JKarthik is the Managing Partner, Blume Ventures and Member of Mumbai Angels.Previously worked with Bennett Coleman Co. & Ltd, Deccan Cronicle Holding, SSKI etc. He specialises in Strategy, Business Development, Start-up Valuations

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Karthik Reddy (Blume Ventures) : Managing Investor Relations
Karthik Reddy, Mangaing Partner at Blume Ventures, speaks about how...
Karthik Reddy (Blume Ventures) : PR and Marketing Plan
Start-ups need to be frugal, allocating minimal to no capital,...
Karthik Reddy (Blume Ventures) : Understanding Valuations
Karthik Reddy from Blume Ventures explains how Investors approach Valuations...
Karthik Reddy (Blume Ventures) : Understanding Term Sheet
Planning to get funded? You're in luck, fellas. Karthik Reddy...

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