Co-Founder & CEO

Kunal is focused on innovation in consumer products/technologies/marketing services. In addition to entrepreneurial roles, experiences in the US include Product Management/Business Development in Emerging Markets for Microsoft and Consulting at Deloitte.He specialises in High Tech, Consumer Products, Marketing Services, Retail

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Kunal Bahl (Snapdeal) : Startup to Organization Culture
Snapdeal went from a 20 people organization in 2010 to...
Kunal Bahl (Snapdeal) : Testing for Customer Acceptance
Not sure whether your customers would love your product? Kunal...
Kunal Bahl (Snapdeal) : Partnerships and Alliances
Kunal Bahl, co-founder and COO of Snapdeal, shares his experience...
Kunal Bahl (Snapdeal) : Acquiring Customers
Kunal Bahl, founder and CEO of Snapdeal, explains how a...
Kunal Bahl (Snapdeal) : Evaluating Investors
Snapdeal raised funding of INR 280 crores with @eBay as...

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