NASSCOM launches phase 3 of 10,000 Start-ups

On 30 June’14, NASSCOM announced the launch of the 3rd phase of 10,000 Start-ups program. In the previous 2 phases, NASSCOM received 7000 applications for the 10,000 Start-ups program out of which 125+ startups were impacted where they got funded, accelerated, mentored, showcased through the program

  1. In the coming phase NASSCOM looks to expand its scope by:


– Creating more showcase and global opportunities

– Launching a skill initiative to create a talent pool of skills relevant to the tech startup jobmarket

– Evangelizing and fostering billion dollar opportunities and building a robust Internet of Things ecosystem

– Launching a tech start-up discovery platform


NASSCOM has proposed to the new government to establish an India Tech entrepreneurship mission in the forthcoming budget.


You can apply for 10,000 Start-up on


Deadline: 31st July

*Update: Founders who apply by 14th July’14 would also be in contention for a sponsored Blackbox Connect program in Silicon Valley.


Here’s a lowdown of what NASSCOM plans to do with 10,000 Start-ups in its third phase:

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