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Leapfrogging the Startup Ecosystem to the Next Level

The Rockstar Program is designed with the intent of making India a tech-innovation hub in the global arena. It will bring to the limelight innovations with disruptive potential, helping them gain worldwide recognition and trust. In order to achieve this, the program will arm the companies in the focus domains with connects, coverage and credibility. Further, it aims to bind the startup ecosystem with industries in a mutually beneficial relationship. The program will pave way for startups to take part in trade delegations and help them tap into the most influential community of CxOs and potential investors.

Recommended Criteria

Ideally, a startup wanting to be a part of the Rockstar Program should be:

03 Benefits

Once the primary objective of identifying the brightest of the startups is accomplished, the Rockstar Program caters to their need for international recognition by connecting them with top business executives and paving way for participation in trade events. The program brings credibility to startups and boosts investor confidence in their offerings.

The Rockstar Program is precisely the growth catalyst that startups in India need. It lays down a clear roadmap for growth that startups can leverage to their advantage.

Keep watching this space for further details about the program.