• Google Cloud Platformgoogle-logo

      Build on top of the infrastructure that powers Google. Google Cloud Platform products allow developers and businesses to build applications on top of Google’s massively scalable infrastructure and make it easy to get started, easy to scale, and simple to manage. Google is continuously rolling out new Cloud Platform products and services to allow businesses to take advantage of the infrastructure that runs all of Google’s applications.

    • Microsoft Azure Creditsmicrosoft-logo

      Get up to $750 per month of FREE Azure cloud services for 3 years; that’s $150 per month each for up to 5 developers. To avail the windows Azure offer, startup will need to get enrolled for BizSpark, below is the link where the startups can get enrolled for BizSpark program.

    • Amazon AWS Creditsawsactivate-logo

      Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides trusted, cloud-based solutions to help you meet your business needs. You can benefit from the cloud credits of upto $3000 provided you have not got the credits as part of any other partner accelerator.

    • IBM Cloud Creditsibm-logo

      IBM is offering startups access to their enterprise-class cloud platforms and services at no cost. IBM’s Cloud platforms are designed to empower companies to innovate rapidly by providing a full suite of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a service (PaaS) offerings. Program includes the following IBM Cloud Services: SoftLayer, Bluemix including: Cloudant on Bluemix, Performance Management on Bluemix. Startups who qualify will be provided either $10,000 USD or $1,000 USD maximum per month of free platform usage credit.

    • Digital Ocean startup-support-microsoft-jump-start-hotline-access-logo

      DigitalOcean is the world’s 2nd largest cloud hosting platform focused on simplifying cloud
      infrastructure for software developers & startups. They have 12 datacenters across the world, with their latest datacenter being launched in Bangalore. Trusted by 700,000+ developers globally who have spun up 14MM+ Droplets
      (virtual servers) on their infrastructure, the key features of their platform include:

      • Powerful Hardware – Servers built on powerful Hex Core machines with dedicated ECC Ram and RAID SSD storage.
      • 55 second provisioning time for servers
      • Tier-1 Bandwidth – All servers come with 1Gb/sec. network interface.
      • Simple Control Panel – 1-Click Installs for popular applications, Team accounts, Auto Backups and Snapshots • Simple API that provides complete control over your virtual private servers
      • www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials is a popular resource for developers when they are looking for technical tutorials for new technology.
      • Free 24/7 access to their customer support team
      DigitalOcean will offer a $10,000 one-year credit to any startup that is currently enrolled or that has graduated from the NASSCOM program, subject to meeting eligibility criteria specified in the application form.

    • Aerospikeerospike-logo

      Flash-optimized, in-memory, NoSQL database. Free 6 months Enterprise license subscription with unlimited unique data and 2 seats each of Admin & Developer online trainings. Ordinary Customers would have to pay $4995 for QuickStart while NASSCOM sponsored companies will have to pay only $3995.”

    • FlexingItflexingit-logo

      – Flexing It™ is a curated platform that helps organisations access top-talent on an ‘on-demand’ basis as consultants, advisors & subject-matter experts. Lever up your business by bringing in marketing/branding gurus, strategy consultants, industry advisors, HR and Finance experts for the duration and intensity you need! A package of 5 free project postings under the MyFlex™ Prepaid plan that provides full access to the platform and proprietary matching algorithm, FlexScore™.

    • Ozonetelozontel-logo

      Free DID (business) number for 6 months to each of your start-ups with maximum of 3 extension numbers. The DID number will come with free 1000 minute usage per month on outgoing calls. Ozonetel helps you to optimize your sales process, Run marketing campaigns, and Wow your customers with seamless support using its communication platform.

    • Knowlarityknowlarity-logo

      Knowlarity’s flagship product Super Receptionist will be made available for free for 6 month, and if you choose to continue using it after 6 months, will be renewed for you at a 20% discount

    • Yodleeyodlee-logo

      Yodlee Financial data APIs – API (http://developer.yodlee.com/ ) Offer worth $20000 to Nasscom FinTech startups for 6 months duration. Create innovative solutions with the most robust financial data available. In person API workshops at 10k warehouse, In-timezone support, 24/7 Ongoing technical support

    • Razor Payrazor-pay-logo

      INR 75,000 worth free credits for payment gateway (No setup fees, No annual maintenance, no TDR charged). On-boarding and helping out the startups for integration would be Razorpay’s responsibility. Razorpay aims to simplify the flow of online payments through a clean, easy-to-use & developer-friendly payment gateway.

    • itrus Paycitrus-pay-logo

      Citrus brings you the most advanced payment stack for developers and startups. Start accepting payments seamlessly on your website without redirections. Natively integrate payments in your mobile App using Citrus payment SDKs. Need to settle payments to multiple sub-­vendors? Citrus has the perfect payment solution for marketplace settlements. Make the most of the best payment stack to drive growth for your business. As a NASSCOM 10k Startup, you get all this at no cost at all. Enjoy free transaction processing at 0% TDR per transaction for up to the first 15lakhs you collect online.

    • Insta mojo Instamojo-logo

      150 free transactions valid for a period of two months for all the startups joining through 10000 Startups.

    • Profit Booksprofit-books-logo

      Paid plan of ProfitBooks free for the first year. ProfitBooks is an online accounting software designed for non-accountants. Using ProfitBooks, startups can create beautiful invoices, track daily expenses, manage inventory and prepare tax returns with just few clicks.

    • Head Spinheadspin-logo

      The HeadSpin technology is transforming the way developers debug, test and optimize their application’s performance, by building a first-of-its-kind cloud platform that allows apps to instantaneously run on any real, global, mobile carrier network in a dead simple manner. Using HeadSpin’s service, developers can launch products with the confidence that their applications will work in all the network conditions their users experience. Get access to HeadSpin Global Mobile Performance Testing Platform, (Costing worth $10,000, INR 6.7 Lakh) for free for 6 months.

    • Startup Support – Microsoft Jump Start Hotline Access startup-support-microsoft-jump-start-hotline-access-logo

      Startup Support – Microsoft Jump Start Hotline Access
      Microsoft’s ‘JumpStart’ is the new toll-free number where specialists will take calls from Indian entrepreneurs, to provide callers with information on the processes of registering a company, preparing taxes, tracking down an accountant and finding a good lawyer. “JumpStart,” a hotline to provide startups and entrepreneurs with a resource to ask business and technical questions. Open during business hours Monday-Friday (9am to 5pm IST), a team of dedicated professionals will be available to answer questions at 1 (800) 200-2114, a toll free number across India.

    • Exotel startup-support-microsoft-jump-start-hotline-access-logo

      The startup package is an Exotel exclusive for 10,000 Startups, which enables you to use a full paid account.
      The package includes Rs 4,500 of currency valid for 6 months, Zero software rental (Rs 6,000 waived off) & awesome developer support! You can use this for SMS, Outbound/Inbound Calls, Missed Calls & many other use cases;
      Sign-up to know how Ola, Uber, Flipkart & others use Exotel!

    • Canvas Flip startup-support-microsoft-jump-start-hotline-access-logo

      Create awesome user experience on your apps with CanvasFlip – favorite prototyping & usability testing tool in successful startup globally.CanvasFlip enables you to find and fix usability issues by capturing actionable feedback like screen videos, heatmap, dropoff analytics etc from users at early product designs. In collaboration with NASSCOM 10k program, CanvasFlip is offering upto 6 months of premium subscription and 20% added discount on renewal plans.

    • Bugsee startup-support-microsoft-jump-start-hotline-access-logo

      Bugsee is a free tool for developers to debug your mobile and web apps. Bugsee bug and crash reports include a minute of video of users actions leading up to the problem, along with synchronized console logs and network traffic. It’ll even show you the exact line of code where your app crashed. So you don’t need to try to recreate the bugs or wonder how you got there. And all it takes is adding one line of code.