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Armed with million dollar ideas, entrepreneurs today face stiff competition while trying to bootstrap their way to success. Securing funding is a key enabler for start-ups. A key and integral part of the entrepreneurship world, funding, has helped many start-ups convert their ideas into actual products and services that we see around us. To help give entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be one a leg up, Headstart India hosted its monthly event Startup Staurday on the 8th of August in collaboration with NASSCOM 10,000 Startups. The theme of this event was Marketing and Funding Insights for Startups powered by IBM and TiE Ahmedabad.
The event was attended by a mixed crowd of students, working professionals and budding entrepreneurs. The crowd was eager to learn and the speakers happy to share their knowledge. The event had Radhesh Kanumury, country lead of Global Entrepreneur Program IBM, and Amit Singh Gohil, the director of TiE Ahmedabad giving talks and sharing their views. Radhesh spoke about how various services by IBM can help start-ups in technical aspects. Amit shared his views on how start-ups can raise funding for their billion dollar ideas and market their product/services to ensure they were the most talked about. Both these subjects addressed critical aspects that a start-up has to deal with. Radhesh Kanumury talking about IBM’s flagship Global Entrepreneurship Program Radhesh went on to talk about programs and initiatives such as the Global Entrepreneurship Program that gives start-ups the much-needed boost. He also spoke at length about SmartCamp, a global competition where the finalists generated over 182.9 million dollars in VC funding over a span of just a couple of years. He described how various programs by IBM such as BigInsights, Bluemix, Data Warehousing Solutions by IBM and Watson have empowered many start-ups and have been crucial to their success. IMB programs aside, Radhesh also delved into how BigData works and how it is beneficial for a start-up in the longer run. To further point out the significance of Big Data, he described how Big Data played an instrumental role in many crucial campaigns for political parties in the Lok Sabha elections this year. Amit Singh Gohil guiding startups for marketing and funding Amit Singh Gohil was the next to take the stage. After he introduced TiE, he walked the audience through his experience with customers and shared tips and insights on marketing. He also hosted an engaging session on how start-ups could transit from being bootstrapped to being funded. With a more-than-eager crowd waiting to engage with him him, Amit took on questions on topics ranging from ideation to marketing and funding. Questions for speakers by the attendees
Started in the year 2008, Headstart Network Foundation’s vision is to ‘Change the World through Entrepreneurship’. The organisation is among the first few that organised informal and formal meets for aspiring entrepreneurs as early as 2005. Their flagship event Startup Staurday is held on the 2nd Saturday of the every month. This is a platform where expert discussions take place on topics ranging from Crowd funding to marketing insights and other aspects that are crucial to start-ups.
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