Startup Saturday by HeadStart Network – July Edition #Ahmedaba

The HeadStart Network, powered by 10,000 Startups organize a monthly conference for up and coming startups. Startup Saturday is an event held every second Saturday of the month. The June edition was hosted by Tejas Mehta at the GTU Innovation Council, Ahmedabad.

The theme for this edition was GETTING CROWD FUNDING RIGHT and sharing success stories of how people crowd funded their dreams. The edition was also going to explore the way some platforms helped people realize their dreams. Successful stories by Kanan Dhru of LawToons, Kishan Thobhani of PrintAJoywere shared. Ateet Bajaj, founder of, one of the few crowd funding platforms currently operating in India, spoke at length on the current scenario of the crowd funding in India and busted the many myths related to crowd funding.

Pathik Jhalavadia, co-founder of Ahmedabad based start-up – Tachyonix Labs, kicked off the conference and shared some very interesting facts about how the NASSCOM’s 10000 Startups initiative is helping up and coming tech startups in India. He gave us insights into what the program was all about and also talks about the Blackbox program. He went on to encourag fellow entrepreneurs to apply to the program and also shared his views on what makes an idea unique and what do incubators and investors look for whilst selecting a startup. His points were valuable and struck as something that needed to be remembered.

(Ateet Bajaj, co-founder of and Crowd Funding Initiator program) Next on, we had Ateet Bajaj, co- founder of, a crowd funding website for the Indian market. He gave an engaging talk about the crowd funding scene in India and the way it has grown over the years. He also discussed how crowd funding was slowly starting to get accepted by the masses today and cited examples of some successful stories. Ateet also spoke at length about how a pitch needs to be delivered on a crowd funding site and how important it is to engage with people both online and offline to ensure you have a great impact on your campaign. He also emphasized on the video quality of the pitch. He showed us a couple of examples of successful pitches and campaigns from his own.

(Kanan Dhru, ‎Founder of Research Foundation for Governance in India and LawToons)

Kanan Dhru of LawToons was the next to take the stage. She shared her experience of being successfully crowd funded through WishBerry. She went into detail of how she handled all the intricate details of the crowd funding campaign – from creating the pitch video to setting rewards for different backer categories to following up with people who backed her project, she took us through how to engage more people to back you.

(Kishan Thobhani, co-founder of PrintAJoy sharing his learnings through his story)

Following Kanan’s energetic talk was Kishan of He shared his views, thoughts and personal experience of getting crowd funding for his project via Wishberry. The one thing that stood out in Kishan’s campaign was the way he spread the awareness about PrintAjoy. He used smile cards and networked at Hackathons such as MakerFest and Azoi Hackathons. The one thing he emphasized on was ‘BELIEF’, saying that if one didn’t believe in their project no one else would.

The sessions ended with the audience asking the speakers questions. Startup Saturday continues to raise the bar as a great entrepreneurial forum. We hope that the attendees had a great time at the meet. We hope to see you at the next edition so keep your dates blocked!
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