Str8bat Sport: Fine Tune Your Strategy and Up Your Game

Sports is a key personality development tool. It teaches perseverance, team play, winning and losing gracefully, strategizing, understanding the opponents, and enduring tough situations. In short, sports plays a significant role in building a fit body and a healthy mind.

Given all these benefits, over the last few years, countries around the world have started to promote sports. While we were slow to realise the far-reaching positive impact of sports, now along with parents even the Indian government has realised its importance. It is taking measures to ensure that India becomes a sporting super power.

Recent initiatives like celebrating International Yoga Day, launching Mission XI Million to promote football at the school level, making sports and extra curricular activities compulsory for students pursuing technical degrees are a few steps in that direction. Last year, the CII National Committee on Sports also came up with a five-point agenda to promote sports in the country.

Till recently, most of our sport-related knowledge was limited to the men’s teams. They even got more coverage and benefits and facilities. Sports was essentially an activity that the boys pursued. But things have changed.

The performance of our girls – P.V Sindhu, Sakshi Mallik, and Deepa Karmakar at the 2016 Summer Olympics proved that girls too can SPORT! They also brought lesser known sports in the limelight.

And, now the girls have conquered cricket too, our national sporting obsession.

The Indian Women’s Cricket Team’s performance in the recently concluded Women’s Cricket World Cup is furthering the case of women in sports. Just look at the innings by Harmanpreet Kaur – 171 off 115 balls in the match against Australia or the spectacular bowling by Jhulan Goswami and the impressive batting by Punam Raut in the finals against England. Have you seen anything this awesome? While India may not have won the match, the innings by the women in blue in the tournament has brought women’s sports to the fore.

This is the impetus we needed to make sports popular among all the kids in the country. It is finally happening.

The rise of popularity of sports is also opening up avenues for innovation in the sports wearables industry. One such start up that is gearing up to help our players improve their performance and their game strategy is Str8bat Sport Tech Sol. Given the popularity of cricket, they have chosen it as the first sport to democratize the usage of technology in sport.

Selected as one of the top 50 sports start ups in the world by Hype-Foundation (one of the biggest eco-systems in sports innovation) and a part of the NASSCOM 10000 Start ups Program, Str8bat aims to provide players with a visual experience and feedback of how they are playing the game. With the help of high-end technology consisting of state of the art motion sensors and mobile app, Str8bat provides INSTANT, VISUAL, and ACTIONABLE insights to the players and their coaches. With Str8bat, the players and the coaches get insight into their game. The app also provides a performance scorecard, comparisons, and trends on the dashboard.

Built by leveraging a high-end gaming platform along with state of the art motion sensor technology, the Str8bat Coach assist app will provide insights and 3D visual representation of the player’s game to the coach. This will help the coach to help the player perform better and improve their performance on a daily basis.

The start up founded by Gagan Daga, Rahul Nagar, and Ritesh Kapahi, is working on creating an entire ecosystem for the sport. Str8bat will not only assist the coaches in guiding the players to improve their game with the technical feedback but will also provide a social platform where the players will be able to connect with other players and coaches from all over the globe to share and learn.

Str8bat not only helps players and coaches improve their game, but it also doubles up as an online skill database, which could be used a resource for talent hunting and making selections for sporting teams.

To test the technology and get feedback, they have launched the beta platform with some of the best cricket training institutes in the country. Encouraged by the positive feedback received from the cricket fraternity including 150+ players , Str8bat is doing a soft launch later this year followed by an entry into international markets.

The Dhonis, the Kohlis, and the Jhulans, the Punams, and the Harmanpreets have set the world stage, all we need to do is get our young players the training and the guidance that they need to Str8bat the ball out of the stadium for a six!

Watch the demo video to understand the technology and check out the website to know more about the applications and the team behind Str8bat.

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