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27th June 2014 was a busy day for budding entrepreneurs in Hyderabad. Reason, there were two events held by The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) to foster communication on Big Data.

Think Big, Thing Fast conference (TBTF) – Big Data edition on 27th June’14 at Hyatt Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Big Data Summit 2014 – Held in Trident, Hyderabad (Read more about the program here)

TBTF is a series of conferences presented by NASSCOM 10,000 Start-Ups that is aimed at showcasing the most happening technologies in the industry. The vision of TBTF is to enable the startup ecosystem get a glimpse of various opportunities and gaps that can be addressed in the technology space, but with benefiting from standing on the shoulders of the giants who are most successful business visionaries in their respective areas.

This friday, the TBTF focus was on Big Data. Although the TBTF conference was supposed to start by 03:45, the room was already buzzing with several particpants eager to learn. It is difficult to not refrain oneself from sub-consciously thinking about the striking similarity between TBTF and the TED sessions. The speakers spoke about their entrepreneurship journey and gave a concrete idea about the technologies they leveraged on to create a business model. Most importantly, they also shared a glimpse of those mistakes that are very important for budding entrepreneurs to always keep in mind before they embark their journey.

The first to start off was with Dhiraj Rajaram (Founder, Mu Sigma Technologies) who wanted to have an interactive session and for that reason, he invited questions from the participants in advance. As most of the questions from the participants had a common denominator regarding the future of Big Data and its impact across multiple domains, he shared his insights about its actual observations. He believes that the current definition of Big Data may be evolving as we speak and should not be restricted to thinking between those lines. He also shared his insights about how one should have a strong hold on clarity, focus and perseverance in what they want to use Big Data for.

Sam Hamilton (Vice President – Data Technologies, PayPal) shared his learnings from how he pivoted from being a hard core technologist to being a business enabler. He declared that startup companies focusing on Big Data should look at it not as a one time job, but that the transformation between the data (both structured and unstructured) is perpetual. He shared his insights regarding how PayPal uses Big Data in their business and suggested that startups should also try to create an identity in the beginning and stick to it quickly. Finally, he related Big Data to how early companies in the internet space did well by ‘Building Bridges’ across the opportunities they see.

Soon after, Karthik Ramesh (Co-founder and CEO – Dataweave), Derick Jose (Co-founder – Flutura) and Ranjit Nair (CEO – Germin8), shared the dias with Srinivas Kollipara (COO, IIIT-Hyderabad Foundation) on a moderated panel. Srinivas enquired about how all the three entrepreneurs have seen Big Data as their opportunity, How was the global acceptance of their companies and also about their milestones and future objectives. All three of them shared their key observations and answered questions from the participants.

The session ended with a good feeling to know that there are established businesses in Big Data space that started within India and were successful in reaching to a global scale. Most importantly, it served the purpose of bringing forth the message from the people who matter – the industry leaders and entrepreneurs who already are successful.

This post is by Dilip Chakravarthy, a volunteer at 10,000 Start-Ups.

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