Tech enthusiasts meet valley giants amid insightful sessions on day 4 of Innotrek 2016

Day 4After a successful day dedicated to campus visits, our annual delegation spent the day meeting San Francisco based entrepreneurs, experts on acceleration and growth hacking, product designers in a full day interactive session at Downtown SFO.

The day commenced with a spectacular briefing by NASSCOM Product Council & InnoTrek Delegation chair Ravi Gururaj and Rajat Tondon from NASSCOM 10k team. An interactive workshop on Early Stage Customer Development followed the opening session. Steven Lurie, founder of Team Builder Ventures spoke on Building an A-list team, which was followed by an engaging session on Growth Hacking Tips and Tricks. The energy of the entrepreneurs on Day 4 was palpable during the Fireside Chat with Scott Coleman and Ravi Narayan which trailed around a session by Nagaraj. The delegates enjoyed the next session on Walkthrough of Reactor which went on in full swing and had a lot to offer. One of the highlights of the day was the interactive Q&A session with Microsoft Venture startups which offered our techies more than just business insights. The day was a gathering of our tech enthusiasts, educators, eminent speakers and the feedback from our startups on the scope of learning amid the valley grandees couldn’t have been any better.

In the next two days, our delegates will get to attend TiECon in Santa Clara, one of the top 10 global conferences for entrepreneurship. Our chosen ones will get to pitch exclusively before renowned tech giants and global investors.


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