The Future of Wearable Tech

It is in the DNA of humans to constantly evolve and augment their capabilities and get a better grip on their surroundings. We’ve come a long way, with the aid of technology where our efficiency has grown manifolds in terms of connectivity and knowledge sharing. Smart phones have become a necessity one can’t afford to miss out on. But it has become as common as the now, so what’s next in line? Wearable Tech. It’ll be the new revolution, as it is emerging as the most demanded commodity and there’s plenty room for innovation in this category. While it is true that wrist-wear accounts for the vast majority of wearable available in the market, there is also a great deal of variety in this space, including clothing, eyewear, and ear piece. For instance, when it comes to eyewear, we have the Oculus, one of the most innovative virtual reality devices, the main application of which currently is gaming, although its functionality could go far beyond that.

Wearable Tech so far has only focused on fitness, but it can be much more comprehensive than mere step count. It can monitor our state of well-being in the form of prevention, early diagnosis and continuous care that can lead to a higher quality of life. Capitalizing on that knowledge, assistive technologies can be developed that are capable of both restoring and augmenting existing senses and abilities.

Could wearable tech be our powerhouse wearing which would transform us into more productive version of ourselves? With a constantly evolving technology and things getting interconnected and synced with the concept of Internet of things, it is only fair that our second skin, get an upgrade too. A study shows that by 2018, bio-integrated computing will be widely tried by early adopters. We are at an exciting stage of wearable tech, a growing class of devices that drives users to rethink our relationship with our technologies. It opens the door for new forms of computing that impact the way we live, work and socialize.

With a right mix of price, aesthetics, personalization, functionality, awareness, wearable Tech will be the next revolution, and even better, because you won’t have to carry it around, you’d be wearing it, and it’ll be autonomous, it’ll probably soon read your brainwaves and function accordingly! Whether customizing their design to fit the unique contours of a wearer’s body or responding to a user’s emotional state to offer highly personalized feedback, this new breed of devices will fine tune people’s interaction with technology and enrich their experiences. There are numerous professions that could benefit from the ability to record procedures or access documents while performing hands-free tasks. Especially professions that involve skill, like a surgeon, every movement of his hands will be registered and can then be passed on to the medical students and they can learn by imitation. Or a painter, musician for that matter, it’ll be much more easy for a person to learn a skill.

There’s also more to it, considering the aesthetics part and its appeal as fashionable jewellery. “What will I be wearing in 5 years? Stilettos that lock my refrigerator when I haven’t walked far enough to burn off my calories of the day!” — Anina Net, CEO, 360 Fashion Network. Think about clothes that can be downloaded with a thermostat control to regulate the temperature, inbuilt music system, GPS installed so that it nudges us in the direction we want to go. How cool that would be!

We’ve only begun exploring the possibilities of wearable tech segment, and in all likelihood it would change our interaction with the world, by making things more systematic and handy and in doing so maximize our efficiency. It wouldn’t be limited to just smartwatches, or eyewear, but an outfit encompassing the features of a smartwatch and a smartphone. We’ll wake up to that morning soon enough and the first thing we’d do it, get into our supersuit.

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