10,000 Startups Virtual Program

As one of the largest startup programs, the Virtual Program of 10,000 Startups has so far received thousands of applications ever since its launch. To create right opportunities and help them seek out the best partners, we work with hundreds of evaluators and mentors who are industry veterans, investors, and accelerators.

Having worked with startups for over 4 years now, we fully understand the struggles and challenges that startups face, and so we have gone ahead and shrunk the evaluation cycle from six month to a quarter.

The phases are divided into the following quarterly cycles:


January-March  Batch1
April-June  Batch 2
July-September  Batch 3
October-December  Batch 4


The program’s focus going forward will be to help startups who are product ready and have reasonable traction. Our wide industry connects and huge partner network will ensure that these startups scale up to the next level. The program is a series of small and big sessions and workshops such as Mentor 101, Investor 101 including other equally impactful events. Each shortlisted startup receives a welcome kit, popularly called Startup Kit, as an encouragement for them to use latest online tech tools to help them along their journey.

Startups who are at an inflection point can apply to our program to leverage our network more effectively.



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