Warehouse FAQs

1What is the Start-up Warehouse all about?

Startup Warehouse is a premium co-working space introduced by 10000 Start-ups in August 2013 to create a micro-ecosystem where early stage startup founders can work together, share their learning and best practices with each other.
Currently, Start-up Warehouse is accommodating its third batch.

2What are the facilities provided at the warehouse?

At the warehouse, you get a number of facilities, including a 10 Mbps broadband leased line, quality infrastructure with AC, chair, tables, tea/coffee, logistics etc. Also, the warehouse is open 24X7 to work and visit.

3Where are the warehouses located?

10000 Startups has 2 Startup ware house in Bangalore and Kolkata supported by respective state governments.
Bangalore Startup warehouse is located at:
5th Floor, Tower D, Diamond District, Old Airport Road, Bangalore.
Kolkata Startup Warehouse is located at:
Monibhandar Building (7th. Floor), Webel Bhavan Premises, Block EP-GP, Sector-V, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091
Though, there are some more start-up warehouses coming up soon in Bangalore and Kolkata.

4What is the benefit of getting into a warehouse?

The Startup warehouse is a central, well connected, plug-and-play working space that is visited frequently by 10,000 Start-ups mentor and investor network to provide one-on-one mentorship to the Startups based at the warehouse.

5What is the process of getting into warehouse?

To get into the startup warehouse, you need to fill in this form (for Bangalore Warehouse) and this form (for Kolkata Warehouse) for the selection, finalized by a selection committee comprising of stakeholders from the government as well as the industry.

7What is the capacity of the start-up warehouse?

The start-up warehouse has a capacity of 70 seats. Presently, it occupies 20 start-ups.
Usually, 1 start-up is allowed to take a maximum of only 5 seats.

8What if the start-up warehouse application is running in a waiting list?

The warehouse seat allocation is an ongoing process. The application list is being monitored regularly and in case, there is any vacancy, the start-ups in the waiting list are informed about the same.

9What are the pricing plans?

The Bangalore startup warehouse charges a nominal monthly rental of INR 3500 for each seat at the warehouse.
The Kolkata startup warehouse charges a nominal monthly rental of INR 2500 for each seat at the warehouse (exclusive of service tax).

10For how long can a start-up operate from a warehouse?

Working space of 5 seats/start-up is offered to the Startup for the first 6 months of their operations.

11What are the start-ups that have operated/are operating from the start-up warehouse?

Many high quality start-ups have operated/ are operating from the start-up warehouse at Bangalore. To name some, Bookpad, TookiTaki, Parallelo, Epoise are in the list.

12Are the start-ups selected to operate from the start-up warehouse eligible for the start-up kit?

The start-ups that get selected to operate from the start-up warehouse at Bangalore are eligible to receive the start-up kit (provided they haven’t received it before).