01 About

The Warehouse Program is the perfect package to provide fledgling companies with everything they’ll need for the initial stages of their startup journey, from a physical workspace and furniture, to expert guidance and networking opportunities.

Startups in the program will be given access to dedicated desks, meeting rooms, event space, and more, all at subsidised rates. Further, they will also be eligible to participate in training sessions, workshops, and hackathons conducted by our industry partners like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Amazon, Digital Ocean, Kotak, etc.

10,000 Startups boasts a number of warehouse facilities across Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi, Vizag, Delhi, Chennai, Noida and Gurgaon, with support from the respective state governments. These warehouses serve as the ideal setting for entrepreneurs to share knowledge, learn, work, and accelerate their companies.

Applications for the program are evaluated by members of a steering committee, which includes experts from the industry and the ecosystem. Selected startups will be enrolled in the program for a period of one year.

02 Eligibility Criteria

Only startups with a minimum viable technology product are eligible to apply for this program. It is strongly suggested that the product be beyond its ideation phase. On submission of your application, it will be received by the respective regional managers for assessment. The selection process for the program typically takes up to two months, during which you may be contacted.





Members of this program are granted office space with dedicated desks, seating, electricity, internet connectivity, meeting rooms, recreational space, and more, all at subsidised rates. The program is entirely equity-free.

Startup Kit


The startup kit is a key offering from 10,000 Startups that includes unmatched free credits from our partners, including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and 25+ others. The kit is purpose-built to give startups a boost and support their efforts to get to the next level.



Workshops on a set of topics pertinent to startups are covered quarterly. These sessions are conducted across the country by domain experts. Major topics covered include:

Sessions by Successful Founders


Successful startup founders from various domains are invited to share their experiences and interact with member startups. These are informal gatherings of alumni and current startups from our program.

05 FAME Model Offerings

Our FAME model is designed to facilitate the ideal connection between startups and Funders, Accelerators, Mentors, and Enterprises. These curated connections ensure that member startups receive all the support they need.

The framework offers members a number of advantages and opportunities to get ahead, such as guaranteed pitching slots, investor connects (Investor 101), participation in startup forums, showcases and thought leadership roundtables across the country, and inclusion in our Investor Access Database.

In addition to access to our mentor network, events such as weekly progress reviews, regular workshops on topics critical to startup success, and mentor connects (Mentor 101) ensure that startups receive the guidance they need through their journey.

Members are given opportunities to connect with enterprises through direct fast access to senior executives, customer showcase events, speaking opportunities, and delegations. Access to executive mentoring, early technology, deep expertise, and strategic investments and grants is also provided.

Furthermore, branding and media mentions, alongside inclusion in the NIPP database, and faster access to global markets and JV/OEM/partnership options will help improve visibility.

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