We asked startups what they are hiring for and this is what we got. #Interactive #Infographic

At 10,000 Start-ups we are working on a massive Skill based initiative to create a talent pool of people who have skills that are relevant for startups.

If we are to create 10,000 tech start-ups in India, it is absolutely essential for us to have a large pool of talent where people can be productive from DAY 1.

Hence we asked our 529 shortlists about what are the skills they expect from employees whom they are looking to hire in the next 6 months. We were overwhelmed by the response and got some interesting insights on the sub-skills that are HOT in the tech startup jobmarket. This study was conducted on tech startups across domains and stages hence the results are not reflection of niche industry segments.

This is a fantastic starting point for us to build a valuable skill based program and the insights are useful for everyone interested in the Indian technology startup ecosystem.

Here’s an interactive infographic that we have built to illustrate the findings of the study, you would need to click on the options below to see the responses we have received (in percentage points).

If you also wish to get access to the talent pool created through the initiative, submit your company on 10000Startups.com

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