What is Blackbox Connect program and why should you apply for it?

Blackbox Connect is a 2 week immersion program for non-US based startup founders to provide them with exposure, learning and connections in the Silicon Valley.

10,000 Start-ups is an exclusive India partner for the upcoming batch of BlackBox Connect and is inviting applications from Early and Growth stage ventures for a sponsored Blackbox Connect program courtesy Google for Entrepreneurs.

Which kind of tech startups should apply for Blackbox Connect?

– Startups that are aiming a global market

– Startups that have demonstrated some early traction

– Startups that have at least 1 woman co-founder (this is just a preferential metric)

Last year 10,000 Start-ups shortlist Tookitaki represented India at Blackbox Connect.

If you wish to be a part of the next Blackbox Connect program sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs, submit your company HERE: by end of day 15th July’14.

We would curate the top applications and share with folks at Blackbox Connect and the final company/companies that would represent India would be contacted on individual basis. Here’ a small video of the Blackbox Connect program:

For any queries, write to startups@nasscom.in

To know more about Blackbox Connect, visit www.blackbox.vc

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