WomenTechShip Program

When the program had started, female entrepreneurs comprised only two per cent of the start-up pie. That figure has now gone up to 11 per cent.

We have a thriving community of women entrepreneurs and developers across the country. Fearless and talented successful women entrepreneurs are redefining the entrepreneurial space that is largely dominated by menpreneurs. While the scale is tipping towards achieving a balance, we at 10,000 Startups, are doing our bit to help women leaders get noticed and close the gender gap in the tech space through various initiatives under the WomenTechShip Program.

As part of this program, we conduct quarterly meetups and workshops and one annual event every year where we showcase best startups in front of our investors, accelerators and incubator partners.

The aim is to drive meaningful and result-oriented interactions amongst emerging and successful women professionals in technology.

What kind of startups can apply?

To apply to this program, a startup has to be led by a woman. The startups should be product ready and have reasonable traction.

What are the benefits offered under the program?

The program is a series of small and big sessions and workshops such as Mentor 101, Investor 101 including other equally impactful events. Each shortlisted startup receives a welcome kit, popularly called Startup Kit, as an encouragement for them to use latest online tech tools to help them along their journey, not to mention PR connects and showcase.

Where can I find more information on the annual women focused event mentioned above?

Please click here for our last year’s annual event Change Maker Summit.

For more questions, please click on FAQs (Virtual Program).

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