Startup Incubators in India


The nine month Incubate program is ideal for fledgling companies looking to kickstart the initial stage of their startup journey.

The 10,000 Startups Incubate (Warehouse) program is a premium plug and play co-working space for tech startups. Each warehouse is supported and funded by the respective State Government. It was introduced in August 2013 to create a micro-ecosystem where startup founders can work together, share their learning and best practices with each other. The program offers access to deep and wide-reaching network of investors, mentors, industry experts, and enterprises, which the startups can leverage to fast-track their growth and advancement. The program is also backed by a strong Steering Committee, members of which come from diverse background within the startup ecosystem. From providing a physical workspace to expert guidance and unparalleled networking opportunities, the Incubate Program is the ultimate place for entrepreneurs to learn, network and accelerate.


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If you are interested in the program but are not looking for a physical place, do not worry. The program is open for startups looking for virtual incubation too. Please visit this page to explore the Virtual Incubate program.

What To Expect

Here’s what startups can expect to receive through the Incubate program.

Once a startup submits the application on F6S, he/she will go through three rounds of evaluation.
  • 1.

    The information shared in the application will be the sole consideration for the round 1 of screening.

  • 2.

    This will include a telephonic or a physical meeting with the founders to assess them on Team Capabilities, Relevance of experience, Product Stage/type, business proposition, Opportunity size etc.

  • 3.

    The final selection round will be presided over by the steering committee members consisting of investor, technology head from a corporate, government representative .

All the startups will be informed of the status of their application via email at the end of the evaluation.
  • Team

  • Product Market Fit

  • Scalability

  • Go to Market Strategy

  • Innovation Index

  • Sustainability

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Steering Committee Members

Our Incubate Program is backed by a strong Steering Committee, members of which come from diverse background within the Indian startup ecosystem.

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