Launched in April 2013, 10,000 Startups is an initiative by NASSCOM to scale up the startup ecosystem in India. We began our journey with the aim to enable incubation, funding, and support for 10,000 technology startups in India over the next ten years.

The program’s vision has been to foster entrepreneurship, build entrepreneurial capabilities at scale and strengthen early stage support for tech startups.

Over 5 years, with over 4000 startups graduating from the initiative, more than 3000 events and programs, over 400 startup-corporate connects, 300 start-ups in global ecosystems, and over 100 new product concepts, we have made India one of the top 3 startup ecosystems in the world.

Vision 2018

Today, India doesn’t offer India doesn’t offer a single product in the top 100 global products, despite being in top 3 ecosystems. As we continue to invest our efforts in building, nurturing and growing the Indian startup ecosystem, we aspire to create globally acclaimed products from India in the next 3 years and generate value for start-ups to sign-up for membership plan. Along the way, we aim to become the deep tech platform for incubators and accelerators through ecosystem facilitation.

NASSCOM 10,000 Startups aims to invigorate the startup ecosystem through a four-pronged program intervention:
10,000 start-ups journey